onsdag 4. mars 2015


To come to the yoga class I need to take a taxi. If I am going with my friend we talk together and everything is easy.  But sometimes you have to do it on your one.
You go into the taxi and mumble something like this "anjonghaseo" which means, hello.  The taxi driver  "Nee" which mean yes.
Then you show a piece of paper with the name and the address, and the taxi driver once more says "Nee"

And then it starts, a lot of speaking and in the end "Russian", me "No"- More speaking from the taxi driver and in the end "Migug" (American) ?  Me, "no, Norwegian"  and then a long sentence in Korean ending with Hangul? Me , ”no Hangul” which means , ----No,  I'm not talking Korean-

Puh, we've arrived

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